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Extrusion Press ( Pressezzi 1800 MT 7 " )

Extrusion Press Plant

Beymetal Aluminium has a state-of-art ,1800MT 7" extrusion press which was installed in 2010 by Presezzi Extrusion -Italy.It has production capacity of 6000 tons annually.

The Extrusion press is fully equipped with an automated billet furnace, hot billet share, puller, etc minimizing scrap and producing maximum yield.In our facility we design and manufacture products to the highest standards both visually and structurally.

For producing this quality and standard, we are using EN AW 6063,EN AW 6060,EN AW 6463 standard billet alloys providing high quality anodized profiles.The quality control checking is carried out throughout the entire extrusion process.We are also producing industrial profiles with cutting edge technology.




Aging Furnace


Aging Furnace

Aluminum can be aged or hardened after it has been annealed to the “O” condition and using the proper hardening processes to achieve the desired physical properties for the given application.

The aluminium aging process is normally performed in a temperature range of 250° to 400°F.

These process temperatures may be held from several hours to several days depending on the desired physical properties.

T1– Cooled from elevated temperature and naturally aged at room temperature to a substantially stable condition.
AA property limits: 9 ksi (yield), 17 ksi (tensile)
T4 -Quenched from elevated temperature heat treatment and naturally aged at room temperature to a substantially stable condition.
AA property limits: 16 ksi (yield), 19 ksi (tensile)
T52 – Cooled from elevated temperature working operation and artificially aged
AA property limits: 16-25 ksi (yield) and 22-30 ksi (tensile)
T6 – Cooled or quenched from elevated temperature and artificially aged to a near peak strength condition.
It can be designated 6063-T6 regardless of solution HT method as long as 25 ksi (yield) and 30 ksi (tensile) minimums are met


Anodising Plant

Today, widely known as anodized aluminium; aluminium anodic oxidation is used for corrosion protection and to gain a decorative appearance.

All of our anodizing processers comply with national and international standards including, organic and inorganic, electrolytic coloring, static painting pretreatment and other aluminum surface treatment such as electrochemical and chemical polishing,Beymetal anodized aluminum plant was installed with ITALTECNO in 2006.The annual production capacity carried by the anodizing line is 2800 tons, "Multi-Color", as known as "Nano Technology Tinting" can also included in the process.

Beymetal is the only company in Turkey who is currently using a Multi Color anodized aluminum system.



Sand Blasting 123

Sand blasting is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface, or remove surface contaminants.

Stainless Steel Grits; are the most important blasting abrasive used in the cleaning of surface profiles, development and improvement processes on all aluminium parts, manufactured by special alloys. Moreover is a successfully applied, roughening operation used before coating.

Beymetal uses a blasting machine before the anodizing process.

It has a capacity of 3200 tons annually.






 325Vertical Coating Plant (CUBE Trevisan)

Beymetal’s Vertical Powder Coating plant was installed in 2015 and has a capacity of 5400 ton per year.

Compared to the Horizontal Systems, The Main Advantages of Vertical Coating Plants are the Following:
• Completely automated process
• A smaller workforce is required needed to manage the entire line
• Fast colour change (5 minutes), that allows a reduction of downtime and higher flexibility
• Higher quality of the product thanks to a high powder transfer efficiency that involves both a higher coat thickness uniformity and a reduction of percentage of powder waste
• Higher production up to 350 profiles/h with the cube line vs 100÷150 profiles/h with an average horizontal line
• Low operating costs and low energy, water and electricity usage.
• Integrated pre-treatment along the vertical plant.






Thermal Break Assembly for Aluminium Profiles (ALURO BTM)



Aluminium is often used for the construction of profiles for doors and windows.

It is an effective resource, which is abundant, but it is also a good conductor of low and high temperatures.

To avoid these temperatures from entering or leaving a building, it is important that the aluminium profiles are well isolated.

As such, a ‘Thermal Break’ is established: the insertion of isolation prevents high or low temperatures from being transferred inside or outside.

Beymetal has a state of art Aluro BTM thermal break assembly machine, which was installed in 2016 and has a capacity to assemble 3 profiles per minute.

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